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Selected Publications

  • Hermle T, Guida MC, Beck S, Simons M (2013): Drosophila ATP6AP2/VhaPRR is a novel planar cell polarity core protein that functions in endosomal trafficking, EMBO Journal, in press

  • Petzoldt AG, Gleixner EM, Fumigalli A, Vaccari T, Simons M (2013): Activation of the proton pump, V-ATPase, triggers epithelial invasion and overgrowth in Drosophils, Disease Model & Mechanisms, in press

  • Helmstädter M, Lüthy K, Gödel M, Simons M, Ashish, Nihalani D, Rensing SA, Fischbach KF, Huber TB (2012): Functional Study of Mammalian Neph Proteins in Drosophila melanogaster. PLoS One;7(7):e40300. Epub 2012 Jul 6.

  • Hermle T, Petzoldt AG, Simons M: The Role of Proton Transporters in epithelial Wnt signaling pathways (2011). Pediatric Nephrology, [Epub ahead of print 5.5.2011] DOI 10.1007/s00467-011-1823-z
  • Hermle T, Saltukoglu D, Grünewald J, Walz G, Simons M (2010): Regulation of Frizzled-dependent planar polarity signaling by a V-ATPase. Curr Biol. 2010 Jul 27;20(14):1269-76
  • Ganner A, Lienkamp S, Schäfer T, Romaker D, Wegierski T, Park TJ, Spreitzer S, Simons M,Gloy J, Kim E, Wallingford JB, Walz G (2009): Regulation of ciliary polarity by the APC/C. PNAS 106(42):17799-804 
  • Skouloudaki K, Puetz M, Simons M, Hartleben B, Engel C, Moeller M, Schäfer T, Ramachandran H, Mlodzik M, Huber TB, Kim E, Kramer-Zucker A, Walz G (2009): Scribble links Fat1 to the Hippo signaling cascade, and is required for normal development of the zebrafish pronephros PNAS 106:8579-84
  • Simons M, Gault W, Klein TJ, Gotthardt D, Shao Y, Wu AL, Fang Y, Dow J, Chen J, Zheng J, Boutros M, Mlodzik M (2009): Electrochemical cues regulate the assembly of the Fz/Dsh complex at the plasma membrane during planar epithelial polarization, Nature Cell Biology 11:286-94
  • Simons M and Mlodzik M: Planar polarity signaling: from fly development to human disease (2008). Annual Review of Genetics 42:517-40
  • Benzing T, Simons M, Walz G: Wnt signaling in polycystic kidney disease.  (2007). J American Society of Nephrology 18:1389-98
  • Simons M: Nephrologists sans frontieres: on the metamorphosis of turning into a fly geneticist. (2006). Kidney Int 70:1387-8
  • Simons M and Walz G: Polycystic kidney disease: cell division without a c(l)ue? (2006) Kidney Int 70:854-64
  • Simons M, Gloy J, Ganner A, Bullerkotte A, Bashkurov M, Schermer B, Benzing T , Cabello OA, Polok B, Driever W, Jenny A, Mlodzik M, Obara T, Walz G (2005): Inversin, the nephronophthisis type II gene product, functions as a switch molecule between Wnt signaling pathways, Nature Genetics 37:537-43.



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