• Consulting on the design of metabolomics experiments
  • Targeted and non-targeted GC/MS-based metabolome analysis
  • LC-TOF-MS and LC-IT-MS metabolic profiling
  • LC-MS small molecule target analysis
  • Discovery of metabolic biomarkers
  • Mass spectrometry-based structure elucidation
  • Metabolic profiling
  • Quantification of metabolites from biological matrices
  • Elemental analysis and isotope ratio determination of C, N, O and H
  • 13C and 15N labelling experiments
  • Basic multivariate analysis on obtained results
  • Metabolite Flux Analysis and Modelling

Center for Biological Systems Analysis

University of Freiburg


  • Address:

    Habsburgerstr. 49
    79104 Freiburg
  • Delivery entrance:

    Hauptstr. 1
    79104 Freiburg


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